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The Landing is a support service at the University of Alberta main campus that offers support for 2SLGBTQ+ students. We strive to promote gender equity on a broad scale and advocate for the safety and acceptance of individuals of all genders and sexualities in campus life. As part of this mandate, we support 2SLGBTQ+ communities and individuals as well as their supporters, friends, family and loved ones.


The Landing,

0-68A Lower Level Students’ Union Building,

University of Alberta

8900 - 114 Street NW Edmonton, AB T6G 2J7


TESA’s mission is to be a witness to and a voice for matters concerning trans Albertans. TESA was formed in the hopes that building a traditional non-profit advocacy group would open opportunities for formal engagement with authorities who otherwise overlook the unique needs of the larger trans community. TESA engages in advocacy and education in three primary areas: govern- ment, outreach, and community development.

Instagram: @transalberta

Facebook: Trans Equality Society of Alberta

X: @TESAonlineorg


The Trans Wellness Initiative aims to improve the health and wellness of trans and gender diverse communities in Alberta by building connections, facilitating access, and fostering capacity. The website is a place for trans folks to get information and resources about health topics that matter to them – whether about gender affirming gear, sexual health, or navigating surgical pathways. It is also a place where healthcare providers can find guidance and education in providing competent care for trans and gender diverse communities.


Kylie is a Gender Affirming Voice Coach (Trans Voice Coach) who understands that voice training is as unique to each individual as voices themselves. Being far from a one size fits all system, I pride myself in being able to find creative solutions to make your vocal education as accessible and enjoyable as possible. In our sessions, your personal goals and abilities will be what guides our work so you’ll always be in control. Responding to your growth and knowing how to follow your voice’s lead are skills that I’ve honed after over a decade in education. I offer voice feminization, voice masculinization and voice androgynization services to all those wanting to change the perceived gender of their voice


Instagram: @voicebykylie

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